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Winpro provides innovative and dependable manufacturing equipment for the fenestration industry. Winpro fenestration solutions reduce manufacturing costs while simultaneously increasing productivity and overall product quality.

Winpro offers both standard machines as well as custom-designed and built manufacturing systems.

We currently offer semi-automated screen assembly as well as high-speed roll formers for muntins, screen frames, stiffeners, & caming.

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Winpro is a member of the Formtek Group. Formtek is a group of long-established companies, each with a well-known name and a history of providing innovative, reliable equipment to the metal forming and metal processing industries. As a single source provider, Formtek continues to supply it’s customers with the highest quality equipment, parts and service available in the industries it serves.

In order to furnish products reflecting the high standard of quality, workmanship and performance, Winpro Products Company is equipped with current technology and staffed with personnel for the design and manufacture high-speed roll formers for muntins, screen frames, stiffeners, caming & air spacer, semi-automated screen assembly machinery

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